Real-Life Baywatch 

They don't solve crimes, run in slow-mo or save two swimmers per hour. and their work attire tends to be a tad less revealing. Here in Khanom (north Nadan beach), these beach and bay watchers can be every bit as fluffed and buffed as their flashy TV counterparts………..


Dangerous Currents

Even for the strongest of swimmers, rip currents can be a challenge. Powerful flows of water rush outwards to the ocean -- indiscriminately dragging anything in their path with them. The trick to escape is to swim parallel to the shore but instead, many people try exhaustingly to fight back -- all while more waves keep coming. If in need of a rescue, try to stay calm and don't panic.

Phone number Rescue Center Emergency call 669 or +66(0)84-4734487 Mr. Kea or +66(0)83-0296696.Unfortunately they don't speak English. If you see someone in trouble, IN CASE OF EMERGENCY look for a Thai speaking person and hand over the phone or say ANTARAI (meaning danger) and mention the nearest landmark such as a hotel or resort or call Charlie from CC's Beach Bar +66(8)7-8938745, he speaks English and Thai and knows who to call.

A few lifeguards suggestions:

Respect the ocean. Check swimming conditions before entering the water and look for water safety signs;

Watch children at all times;

Don't swim under the influence of alcohol;

Protect yourself from the sun;

Take Away:

Taste: salt water;

Hear: foreign languages of international tourists, Thai language; 

Touch: cool sand from the bottom of the ocean

Smell: salt water















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