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  • Airlines cancel flights to Wuhan
    SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines' budget carrier Scoot, Taiwan's China Airlines and Malaysia's AisAsia on Thursday all cancelled daily flights to Wuhan, the Chinese city at the centre of a fast-spreading virus outbreak.
  • China locks down epicentre of virus outbreak, nearly 600 infected
    BEIJING: China is lockikng down a city of 11 million people considered the epicentre of the new coronavirus outbreak that has killed 17 and infected nearly 600 people, as health authorities around the world work to prevent a global pandemic.
  • Outlook glum on China, weak domestic demand
    The outlook for tourism in the first quarter remains gloomy as the Chinese coronavirus is still a factor and domestic tourism has been stunted by the delayed fiscal budget.
  • Centara Sonrisa Residences & Suites Sriracha
    This 4-star hotel is a great place for families and long-term stayers. With 145 rooms, the newly-built complex offers several different room types: Deluxe, Deluxe Seaview, Family Residence and Two-bedroom Suite (perfect for a family of five). Its restaurant also serves up a range of international delicacies.
  • Snow business in Korea
    Darkness swiftly enveloped the orange sky after dusk. Yellow lights came on up and down the mountainside, illuminating the ski slopes. The temperature, which had been 2C in the afternoon, dropped to a bone-chilling -8C at night. The freezing weather discouraged me from leaving my warm room, but there were plenty of hardy souls out enjoying some late-night skiing. : Leisure

  • Sex and sustenance
    Why is it that a box of chocs makes such a great gift for lovers?
  • Savour the charm, Warmth and seafood of ban sakha
    There are places whose charm does not lie in any historical monument, gorgeous beach or other obvious tourist attraction, but rather in the local style and special atmosphere on offer. When rushing around in a big city, it is easy to forget that there are small towns nearby where people spend their days in the same traditional and unhurried way they did in the past.
  • One for the books
    When was the last time you went into a bookshop? You know, the place that sells those ancient things Thai people don't read, but rather use to swat flies and shield their delicate skin from the sun's harsh rays. But even if you prefer to keep your face glued to your smartphone, don't be deterred from entering fancy new venue The Bookshop, because the only reading you'll have to do here is perusing...
  • Classic confucian cuisine
    Shang Palace at Shangri-La hotel, Bangkok, is offering diners a rare opportunity to experience Qufu's famed Kong family cuisine for lunch and dinner from tomorrow until March 15. Unique in style, the cuisine of the Kong family features creative presentations of skilfully combined ingredients that express the four most important elements in the art of Chinese cooking: colour, aroma, flavour and...
  • In the mood for one more love
    Regardless of its much younger age, In The Mood For Love One, which first opened a few months ago in the middle of a serene residential soi, is a mature version of the popular two-year-old sushi bar of the same name in Sukhumvit Soi 36. : Entertainment

  • Sex-filled SXSW now gets app for hooking up with strangers
    Austin's annual music, film and interactive fest South by Southwest (SXSW) -- dubbed spring break for geeks -- now has a whole new way for attendees to hook up with each other, a sex app called Bang with SXSW, a spinoff of the recently launched Bang with Friends.
  • Novel interpretation of a classic
    Last last month, Opera Siam celebrated Verdi's 200th birthday by mounting the Southeast Asian premiere of Otello, considered by many to be the master's masterpiece. Aware that, in this Verdi year, he needed a new twist, artistic director Somtow Sucharitkul went to Phya Rachawangsan, a play by King Rama VI which is adapted from Shakespeare's Othello and which just happens to be having its own 100th...
  • Kaleidoscope of instrumental hues
    Listening to almost anything written by the modern French composer Henri Dutilleux it is hard to understand why his work was a specialists' preserve for so long.
  • Food for thought
    Eating is the most important activity for humans, both individually and socially. Food is not only necessary to maintain survival but also reflects society and culture.
  • Never gonna give the 80s up
    Looking at the line-up, you can predict the "Big 80s Rewind Festival" will become the concert of the year. : Life

  • A winning menu!
    It is rare that one gets to taste the winning menu from Iron Chef Thailand. However, 2020 couldn't have started better for Iron Chef Thailand winner chef Rick Dingen and you!
  • Open city spaces
    City Lab helps to test out ideas that could help bring about positive changes to city planning, using a rational planning model, which is a widely used concept in planning and designing cities. We advocate group-based, decision-making, which allows the community to take part in contributing solutions and ideas to the urban planning process.
  • Abruzzo transported
    It is not often one finds an oasis of sorts in the midst of high-rises, especially around hipsterville Thong Lor. Yet, nestled on Sukhumvit 36, a short walk from BTS Thong Lor, lies a new gem.
  • Bespoke canapés
    When your special event requires more than just finger food, it is time to bring in the professionals… Canapé & Sons. Formed by Bangkok's F&B heavyweights, Oliver Kramny, Frederic Meyer and Ian Kittichai, this high-end catering company offers innovative menus that focus on delivering the best.
  • Holey goodness!
    Do yourself a favour and toss out those low-quality, mass-produced doughnuts, which are oftentimes fried in old oil and consist of chemicals to prolong their shelf life. At the numerous artisanal doughnut shops that have popped up across the city, you can get high-quality, homemade-style doughnuts. Though each shop is unique, they have one thing in common; they all produce their doughnuts in a...

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