Whatever anyone claims about massage and wether you believe it or not, there’s no doubt that it feels really good.

There is no greater gift to one's self than a (luxurious) Spa treatment/therapy.

Experience a Thai massage on Nadan Beach or Nai Plao Beach or take pleasure in a pedicure after a day of sightseeing. For couples seeking a little romance, indulge in the intimate relaxation of a couples massage.

Active travellers will relish in yoga, hiking and other heart-pumping pursuits throughout their stay. Join the many travellers who have discovered the healing pleasures of a Spa vacation at one of the extraordinary Spa and Wellness resorts or create your own Spa and Wellness treatment at a local shop.

A local Thai or oil massage and pedicure/manicure you can find across Aava Resort at a shop named Leelavadee.

Just ask the staff from Khanom Hill Resort. or CC Beach Bar to have a relaxing massage on the beach. They are happy to call one of the local masseuses and schedule an appointment probably 10 minutes later.........

If you're interested in a luxury Spa and Wellness treatment in combination with yoga or other activities please visit Aava Resort & Spa.

Do you prefer a healer treatment then go to Nirvana Detox and Healing Center overlooking Nai Plao beach were they have many different options like Kahuna Massages, Reiki Treatments or Tapping Treatments either can be combined with Yoga and a Herbal Steam Bath.

Plan a stay and let Khanom surprise you!



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