If you like fresh oysters and fresh seafood and you are in Khanom then you must visit Kanchanadit. What the place is known for, oysters! In all sizes and very cheap.

Surat Thani people take so much pride in their big and delicious oysters that they have become a part of the province’s motto. Most oysters are raised around the mouth of Kradae and Than Thong canals. Oyster farms are located in areas surrounded with mangrove jungle, mire and brackish water making a perfect breeding ground and nursery for oysters.To visit the farms, tourists are advised to contact local travel agents or ask the hotel you are staying at.

Driving from Khanom to Kanchanadit takes 0.45 hours (27 minutes) at a rate of 60 miles per hour in a straight line. It's about 7 or 8 km's from the highway, but you gotta make a couple of turns before you get there.There's a big parking lot outside with some stalls selling oysters and sweets. The oysters come from the farms, directly in front of the restaurant, where they are grown. The prices for the oysters are stunnishing,15 Baht for a big one! In the stalls the locals also sell cashew nuts and sweets, fresh off the hot plate.

Kanchanadit is a well known vacation destination amongst local people for getting fresh seafood in very pleasant seashore sourrundings.

There a two restaurants:

Nai Aow  and Baan Pak Nam Kradae, these are the places to go.

Both restaurants are right at the shore and subject to tides.

Tip: If you can, try to make your visit at high tide. At low tide, the surrounding area turns a little swamp-like.

Another tip besides the oyster try the 'puu phong curry', crab with Indian curry powder.

Be aware: although fresh, certain types of Thai food, like the delicious raw oysters, may demand some initial familiarization of your stomach.


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