The charms of Khanom are its mountains, forest, and sea. Krua Tungkay is going to escape the heart and relax at a restaurant located amidst the mountains and by the Khanom klong called Ana Villa Tungkay Resort. Mangrove trees surround the area making this a favorable spot for lunch or diner in this seaside town. Krua Tungkay, a restaurant known for its tasty food serves both guests and daytime visitors. 

This place is not difficult to find. From the town market, drive towards Khanom klong (Khanom canal ) and take the bridge to cross the canal. Turn left at the intersection and continue until you see a blue and yellow windmill on the left where the resort is located. If you think you will have difficulties getting here, contact the resort and a car will pick you up at Khanom district. Another option is to ask for directions from the locals.

One of the features of Ana Villa Tungkay Resort is the tall, white lighthouse standing in front. Guests can climb to the top and enjoy the sunset and sunrise here. Children would love this.

Besides visiting the Khanom sea, you should also check out kayaking at the resort. It could be pleasant to kayak amidst this rich surrounding of mangrove trees and canal animals such as, shrimps, shellfish, crabs, and fish. You will get to experience the lives of people living by Khanom klong as well. 

The resort’s owner Mr. Anan Yingyoad’s former career was as a fisherman.เที่ยวทะเลขนอม-นอนริมคล/


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